Once a candidate has been identified who has been determined to be A) qualified for the position and B) is a match with the requirements of the post assignment and the dimensions of the customer culture, a tentative offer of employment will be made, subject to an intensive background screening process. DSI Security’s screening process includes a multiple-phase interview, a comprehensive background investigation and drug testing as outlined below:

Candidate applies for a position and is pre-screened by members of Management to ensure minimum standards are met:

  • Minimum Age criteria (18 years of age)
  • U.S. citizenship
  • Possesses High School Diploma or GED
  • Stable work history
  • Acceptable background to meet contract requirements
  • Reliable means of Communication and transportation
  • Candidate completes comprehensive application and is interviewed by a Human Resources Manager.
  • Communication skills – written, verbal and non-verbal
  • Ability to meet client culture requirements based on employee profile
  • Customer Service orientation
  • Employment reference check
  • 7 year criminal history performed using state and local resources
  • 7 year criminal history performed by contracted background screening company
  • Social Security number verified
  • Drug testing completed
  • Driving record checked

Candidate is interviewed by the Account Manager and visits proposed job site. Additional job-matching is performed:

  • Customer culture and work environment reviewed
  • Employee profile/customer culture match determined
  • Account Manager expectations are established
  • Candidates views on the position are explored
  • Candidate is approved or disapproved by the Account Manager

Candidate is scheduled for pre-assignment training and orientation, as well as, on- the-job training:

Pre-assignment training requires the candidate to achieve 80% passing score on basic security training examination. This Basic exam involves classroom instruction as well as a series from the PSTN Training Network.

Once the screening process is complete, a culture match between the candidate and the customer and all pre-assignment requirements are met, the candidate is officially extended an offer to join the TEAM DSI.