Electronic Security

DSI Security Services offers complete Electronic Security Solutions for all of your residential, commercial, and industrial needs.

Here are some of the solutions we offer.

Residential Electronic Security
DSI’s electronic security provides added safety, security, and peace-of-mind for your family. Let DSI protect your home, your family, and your personal assets with a residential alarm system and cameras. DSI can provide a solution to meet all of your residential security needs, and can create a custom security plan for any residence. We install all required hardware and actively monitor the security of your property and the integrity of the security system.

Commercial and Industrial Electronic Security
For over 48 years DSI security has been a loyal friend to small business owners, helping them achieve their goals and assisting in protecting the assets of the companies we call friends. At DSI, we understand the safety and security needs small business owners face, and we can design a customized solution to meet your business’ needs.

DSI’s electronic security experts can design and install a comprehensive electronic monitoring system for your business. Our systems are capable of alerting you the moment a security threat is detected, and can also automatically notify the local authorities. DSI’s security systems provide peace-of-mind, and can also help lower your insurance costs.

DSI was built on a strong history of service to industries in our country. At DSI, we believe in protecting these industries from threats of all kinds, and ensuring the safety and security of the many men and woman that work in these facilities.

We can install HD IP Video Surveillance systems, access control systems, security gates and fencing, turnstiles, biometric readers, and even Remote Video Monitoring with voice down capability and motion detection analytics.

DSI specializes in hospital and healthcare facility safety and security, serving over 130 facilities across the United States. This is an ever evolving industry, and DSI has a dedicated Healthcare Services Director who stays informed on healthcare issues, mandates, and industry guidelines.

DSI is also capable of providing infant abduction systems, remote video monitoring, and access control for these facilities.

What Our Clients Say

“In 2015-2016, CFS teamed up with DSI Security to enhance our safety, surveillance, and asset retention. After committing to this project, we shopped multiple vendors and providers and chose DSI Security. We have completed the upgrades and enhancements and are very pleased with the results, ease of operation, and overall safety value added.”

Tray Sivell
Computer and Information Systems Manager
Continental Field Systems, Inc.

With DSI’s HD IP video cameras, you can see when people are entering or leaving your premise. Our IP HD cameras have even been used to catch and identify a criminal. Police used the video from the DSI client’s business because the picture was so clear.

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