DSI Security is committed to employee training, skill development and creating a continual learning environment for our people, which ultimately is designed to help deliver a value-added performance to our customers. Based on our belief that training is the single most important concept in any industry but more so contract security, we wanted to provide an innovative alternative to the typical training approach most contract security companies take. We wanted to use the training process to not only educate new officers in understanding their role as security officers, but also to create a measurable impact in the way our officers deliver service.

Our unique approach to security officer training blends the specific needs of a client with the technical skills associated with providing customer-focused and security-vigilant services. Using this methodology, we can provide customized solutions to every client that reflect the individual culture of the client’s organization and the specific security threats, needs and tactical program elements required for a true world class program model. We also ensure that our programs not only reflect the specifications of the contract and expectations of our day-to-day, direct client contact(s), but that they also take into account the needs and unique requirements of our customer’s. By bringing this unique perspective to our employee’s, DSI Security is able to share those pressing matters that envelop our critical industry throughout the organization.

Each DSI Security branch is staffed with a dedicated and professional manager who is capable of delivering a wide range of programming to both our employees and our customers. These programs include a comprehensive pre-assignment training program, a structured on-the-job training process and a wide range of refresher and specialized training materials, including customer-specific training that can be customized to meet the needs of each client.

Every DSI Security manager is given the lesson plans and supporting media associated with our basic training program offerings that are then customized at the local level to meet the specific needs of that customer’s organization and location. In this way, we are able to apply a consistent training methodology to every customer, yet do so within the parameters of the customer’s unique work environment and corporate culture. The end result is the creation of a highly customized learning environment that reflects the culture of both DSI Security and that of the client. Our success is rooted in understanding the unique elements of our customers’ cultures and then building a service delivery program that responds to this unique environment – one culture at a time!

Pre-Assignment Training

All newly selected DSI Security officers are required to attend, at a minimum, DSI Security orientation and basic security officer skills development course. This program is designed to provide our security officers with a well-rounded foundation of the technical and communicative skills required to succeed as service-oriented security professionals. Curriculum is based on the latest asset protection source material available. The program is taught by a DSI Security manager and extensively uses scenarios and class participation to gauge understanding of subject and concept.

While we do facilitate the use of videos as one method towards instruction, DSI Security believes that instructor-led training, particularly in a pre-assignment setting, is essential in delivering the maximum learning experience for participants. Officers are required to complete a minimum of 19 hours of pre-employment training. This method of instruction also plays a critical role in assessing the communication skills, attitude, reliability and overall demeanor of the new officer and, as such, serves as a final element of our selection process.

At the completion of the course, a certification examination is administered. All attendees must achieve a passing score of 80% prior to being deployed at a customer site.

DSI Security’s Officer Skills Development Course includes the following modules:

  1. Welcome to DSI Security.
    • DSI Security Orientation and Policies
  2. Client Overview
  3. Nature and Role of Private Security Officers
    • Security Awareness
    • Legal Aspects of Private Security
    • Security Officer Conduct (Ethics, Honesty, Professional Image)
  4. Observation and Incident Reporting
    • Patrol Techniques
    • Report Writing
  5. Principles of Communications
    • Verbal Communication
    • Customer Service and Public Relations
  6. Principles of Access Control
  7. Principles of Safeguarding Information
  8. Emergency Response Procedures
  9. Life Safety Awareness
    • Safety Hazards in the Workplace
    • Safety Pays Incentive Program
    • Fire Prevention Skills
    • OSHA requirements
    • HAZMAT Response
    • First Aid, CPR, AEDs
  10. Job Assignment and Post Orders (typically performed on site)
    • Customized to each Customer
  11. Workplace Violence
  12. Conflict Resolution
  13. Traffic Control and Parking Lot Security
  14. Crowd Control
  15. Crisis Management
  16. Labor Relations

In addition to the above offerings, all DSI Security officers assigned to drive a patrol or other vehicle are required to undergo a MVR check through their applicable State, as well as attend a DSI sponsored Driver Safety Training Course. In this way, DSI Security can help reduce the liability for both our company and client stemming from an at-fault motor vehicle accident. DSI Security’s pre-assignment training program will be supplemented and augmented to meet or exceed local and state security officer licensure statutory requirements and mandated training standards.

On The Job Training

As part of the Account Start-up process, DSI Security will conduct a detailed evaluation of each post assignment at the client’s location to determine the training requirements and success factors associated with the post and facility to which our officers will be assigned. This evaluation will solicit the feedback from the appropriate client representatives and include a review of the specifications of the services agreement and post orders. This will allow us to create a site specific training requirement, as well as a comprehensive set of General and Site Specific Post Instructions.

On-the-job training is facilitated by shift supervision and/or dedicated field training officers and results in the new officer’s certification to solo assignment.

DSI Security will conduct on-going monthly/quarterly training at each client location. The frequency of the training is dependent on the size of the particular contract. These training sessions allow for further development of our Officers and Management on Security protocols and procedures for our contracted locations. This training is conducted at no-charge to our Customers.

Specialized Training

DSI Security offers a wide range of customized learning solutions that can be tailored to the training needs and operational challenges associated with the individual site where the officer will be assigned. They include:

  • Workplace Violence
  • Active Shooter Training
  • Site Specific Safety Training
  • Preventing Employee Theft
  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Premises Liability
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Use of Force

Recurrent Training

All officers will receive recurrent training with specific content determined in conjunction with client representatives prior to service program launch.

Supervisor/Manager Training

All DSI Security Managers will be required to attend DSI Security’s Skill Development Workshops. This comprehensive course addresses the key success factors of serving in a Management role which includes:

Management Skills

  • Role/traits of a supervisor
  • Management styles
  • Effective communication
  • Business writing
  • Professionalism and ethics
  • Motivating employees
  • Positive employee relations
  • Employment practices (EEO/ADAAA/FMLA, harassment, etc.)
  • Union avoidance
  • Managing a culturally diverse workforce
  • Conflict resolution
  • Interviewing and hiring
  • Performance management and discipline
  • Customer service skills

Risk Management

  • General liability
  • Auto liability
  • Workers compensation
  • Accident investigation
  • Claims reporting
  • Claims mitigation
  • DSI Security Safety Pays Programs, policies and procedures
  • Safety program management
  • Safe work practices
  • OSHA/DOT requirements


  • Service and performance metrics
  • Contract requirements and specifications
  • P & L management and supervisor impact
  • Training
  • Payroll/Scheduling
  • Unemployment compensation
  • Uniforms and appearance
  • Key policies and procedures
  • DSI Security update – locally, regionally, nationally
  • Customer update