DSI originated in 1969 when Sheriff A.B. Clark started a security company in response to a request from the construction company building the nearby Farley Nuclear Plant. As the company’s reputation grew for providing quality security services DSI began to grow, opening an eventual 17 branch offices. This impressive growth history is punctuated with examples of versatility, flexibility, and sound management practices. A.B. Clark began DSI with the belief that his company could fill a void with a dependable, competent team of people. DSI now consists of thousands of carefully selected and highly trained security personnel.

DSI is still a family-owned and managed company, led by A.B.’s son Alan, Chairman of the Board, along with his wife Marty, President. Alan and Marty’s three children all work with DSI in various capacities as well. DSI has also benefited from its well-rounded, experienced, and professional management staff that have helped in building DSI’s reputation as a leader in the security industry. Following sound business practices through the years DSI has been able to maintain a high quality of clientele. Many of our clients have experimented with less expensive security suppliers prior to choosing DSI, but have ultimately chosen the more personal way of doing business DSI provides

By adhering to our motto of DWYSYWD –Do What You Say You Will Do—DSI makes a commitment to our clients to follow through with our promise of service superiority. This motto takes us back to a time when a handshake sealed a deal with a client. We can’t turn back time but we can still retain this solid principle of partnering for success and relationship building. You allow DSI to provide you with this peace of mind when you choose to partner with us.


The goal of quality assurance is see that the standards established in the DSI procedures manual are followed. The DSI operations department performs internal compliance audits using DSI’s established procedures, assuring adherence to policy. Recommendations are often made with suggestions to improve our service and in keeping with the ever changing needs of our clients.

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