Consulting Services


DSI is a complete security solutions provider. Our experts apply many years of knowledge to customize your security solutions. We understand the range of security risks, and stay current on available methods, technologies, and equipment to anticipate and solve these risks.

We can provide:

  • Security Assessments
  • Workplace Violence Threat Review
  • Security Systems Design
  • Specialized Services Unique To Your industry

Our other security consulting services include complete security systems design and integration, continuity of operations planning, and security program audits.

Threat & Risk Assessments: Established through constant monitoring of world and local events and layering an understanding on the historical threat posed by different groups and individuals. Understanding the threat and identifying vulnerabilities provides a solid basis for establishing the underlying risk; essential to developing a sound security program.

Healthcare Security Risk Assessments: Based on Joint Commission, OSHA, and IAHSS Standards, DSI can produce a full report on your current Hospital Security Program, or design a new one for facilities that do not have one in place. DSI provides service to many hospitals throughout the US and has trained experts on staff to address the unique needs of the healthcare environment.

Maritime Security Programs: Answers some of the issues posed by maritime regulations such as the the Maritime Transportation Security Act (MTSA) and International Ship and Port Security Code (ISPS) for maritime industry owners, cruise vessels and facility operators.

Emergency Management: Focuses on emergency command and communications, incident mitigation, response protocols, and recovery planning and execution to maintain business continuity.

Security Program Audits: Includes an analysis of a security programs strengths and vulnerabilities to ensure the required level of protection is achieved for protected spaces.

Educational Sessions: DSI offers each of our accounts the benefit of scheduling an educational session at your facility, or at an offsite location. During these sessions, a qualified member of DSI’s management staff provides information and instruction to your supervisory staff and/or employee population. Popular Topics include: Workplace Violence Prevention, Employee Theft, Bomb and Bomb Threat Response, Personal Safety and Security, and Emergency Preparedness. Each session is designed to meet the specific needs of your property and can be customized to the learning objectives of each audience.

DSI is available to visit your facility and design a customized report on the data collected and offer detailed recommendations to ensure that your people, property, and assets are protected.